From the very beginning her preference for portraits was clear. To her the genre of the portrait brings together many different challenges: the observation of the moment and the conceptualization of the subject have to be translated into paint on canvas. With each portrait Judith searches for the perfect balance between the truth of the moment and the beauty that is within each individual.

All interaction with the subject is reflected in the use of colour, in the character of the image and in the painter's touch.

She always strives to go beyond a simple reproduction of the moment.

Of the innumerable changes in facial expression that reveal itself to the painter's eye, in fact only one can be chosen to be recorded. And still a good portrait needs to say much more about a person than can be seen in just that one fraction of time. At the same time it wants to catch all the other aspects that make up an individual. All those different sides of a personality are expressed, not only in the likeness, but also in the painter's style. For Judith that means a combination of classical technique and modern composition or choice of scenery, always directly related to the person involved. Her style can be characterized by a number of key elements: the intermittent use of transparent and finishing layers of paint, her preference for strong contrast between light and dark, and her fascination for rich colour diversity and all transitions between them.